Tuesday, March 24, 2009

doolin day 2

today i went to the cliffs of moher

karl, the hostel proprietor, mentioned that the route was a bit treacherous. he wasn't lying.

there were lots of electric fences wrapped in barbed wire. luckily i have become an expert at maneuvering around them. and there was nearly always some type of entryway exactly when you needed it.

i passed by the bones of an 18th century famine village.

and some gorgeous coastline.

but dangerous!

i had to scale a serious hill. karl said it was steep but i was not prepared for this.

the higher i climbed the narrower the path became. and the windier it got.

more danger!

but i was rewarded with some gorgeous views.

by the end my shoes weren't very happy.

but i think it was worth it. then i hitchhiked home with a lovely elderly gentleman from limerick city. it was the perfect adventure.

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  1. Amazing story! Amazing pictures! You make me want to travel again. I think I'll start looking for a traveling companion.....