Wednesday, March 11, 2009

oh life

i may have to cross belfast off the list as there have recently been a few politically-motivated IRA shootings. they've all targeted police officers so i'm sure i would be fine but i'm going to wait it out and see how the climate progresses before booking anything final.

i went to baltimore over the weekend with reuben and his aunt susan. unfortunately it was the worst weather we've had since i've been here and the gale-force winds made it hard to see anything. we went to a pub and the wind literally pushed me back 3 paces for every step forward i took. i'm going to try to go back on a sunny day so i can actually take some pictures and see the town.

barbara told me that i could feel free to borrow her bike whenever i wanted so i took it out for a spin today. i had not realized how hilly it was around here. i lasted about 20 minutes before i nearly passed out from exhaustion. i'm going to work up my tolerance and see if i can't get to a point where i can bike to interesting places. we'll see how that works out.


  1. Hows the fog treating you?=P

  2. Don't go to Belfast! That is scary. =(