Friday, March 13, 2009

hooray for intercontinental train travel!

i bought my eurail pass!!! 2 months unlimited train travel between 21 countries. i am beyond excited.

i'm trying very hard to convince my friend christa to travel with me for a month in june. i think it's a real possibility.

10 more days in skibbereen. i'm excited to move on.

i found a couchsurfing host to show me around dublin. the internet makes life so much easier.

i also started looking at sublets in paris and that may be a very real possibility. the month of august spent in my own parisian apartment? yes please. visitors would be encouraged.


  1. What??? No comments??? Why aren't people lining up to sleep on your floor? When you get a floor.
    August is when the kids all go to Maine with your dad. HMMMMMM.

  2. AH!
    I am going to come visit you on one of my days off.

  3. I should probably stop getting my hopes up, but if I get that job in Turkey it ends on 8/26. Perhaps I could celebrate my birthday in Paris... =)

  4. Do you ever stop and sing "skibbereen-e-e-dink-skibbereen-kee-doo... iii looovve youuuu...."