Sunday, March 29, 2009


galway was wonderful. i think it was probably my favorite place i've visited so far, though that probably has as much to do with the people i hung out with as the place itself.

my couchsurfing experience was not particularly ideal (my host was incredibly socially awkward and kind of weird and just all-around bugged me) so i came to dublin a day early. the only hostel with an opening on a saturday night was in a fairly sketchy part of town so i spent the day wandering dublin and the evening reading.

today was another exploring day. i checked into a new hostel and when the receptionist found out i was from maryland he mentioned how he's been wanting to meet someone from baltimore because he loves the show, "the wire." when he found out my brother worked on it and i went to the wrap party he upgraded my room and gave me a free towel. when i came back later in the afternoon he was leaving and there were 2 new staff members and he got all excited and told them, "she's the baltimore girl!" they tried to figure out other things they could get me for free but i was just happy that i didn't have to pay 5 euro for a towel.

i leave for france in 2 days! let's hope i have an easier time getting into that country than i did this one.

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