Tuesday, March 10, 2009

schedule revised

i found a flight from belfast to paris for $20 so i'm just gonna switch dublin and belfast on my itinerary. easy peasy.

i'm still looking for a farm in france. i've contacted a few but so far they either haven't gotten back to me or wouldn't work. i've sent out a couple more emails and hopefully something will work out.

i've decided to buy a eurail pass. 2 months unlimited travel between 21 countries. i've got a list of at least 10 i want to visit so we'll see how many i can squeeze in. however my credit card is not currently allowing me to buy it (i forgot to tell them i was traveling...) so i may have to wait a few days. but with this in mind my tentative schedule is thus;

home;september 9thish (tickets are cheap!)


  1. Okay: If you get a chance to go to Belgium, there are some really kick ass parts of Belgium that are not Brussels. Brussels sucks. I would mostly suggest Flanders (northern belgium), they speak Dutch, but also English (unlike the Italians), anyway, there are some really fanstastic places. Even better, Holland, the most fabulous place on earth, is the shit. Den Haag is great if you like art and Delt is equaly fantastic and of course Amsterdam. Those are all fairly expensive places but SO worth the trip.

  2. Oh also, if I may, Prague also kicks some serious eastern european butt.

    Ps I'm totally jealous.

  3. awesome, thanks for the input! i'll definitely put all of those cities on my list. and i'm excited about prague because i have some friensd studying abroad there so i'll hopefully have a place to stay and people to show me around. it's always more fun that way.