Saturday, March 14, 2009

luck of the irish

i found 2 four leaf clovers today. i was pretty excited.

chicks are due to hatch in a week. we checked on them today and the hen is sitting on some 20 eggs. we think she's been stealing them from other chickens but we have no idea how many will actually hatch. i'm excited that i will probably be here for that event.

and in the most exciting news, i finally got a response from a wwoof host! it's a little b&b for women travelers in the south of france. they also have an organic garden, sheep and donkeys, and various renovation projects in progress so i will be busy. i'm very excited.


  1. uuuummmmm... just so you know, I am a fan of your blog, but you are not a fan of mine. I'm offended, I need to look popular to all my classmates! =P
    I miss you!!!!! And I love you!!!!!
    Did you hear the twins and I are going to Nashville with dad and Christina for spring break? It should be fun, we're gonna visit Leslie and since we'll be traveling in a camper we'll get to see other places along the way (we might even go to Graceland!)

  2. How do chickens steal eggs?????
    Is the wwoof in France for a specific time, or can you figure it out as you go along?
    I had a vision of you subletting in paris for a month, and realizing after a week that you were done there!