Friday, March 6, 2009


i went to the garda station and finally got my visa straightened out. i am now legally allowed to stay here until the 17th of may. i'll probably only stay an extra 2 weeks or so and it was a lot of hassle for that, but i feel much better now. and it's nice having the freedom to stay on if i want to. i'd like to go to connemara, dublin, and belfast. beyond that i'm not sure. i think i'll leave the farm around the 20th but i'm going to start looking into buses and hostels and whatnot so i can begin finalizing some plans. finally!

aunt sheila went with me and we had to go to bandon, a town about an hour away. the drive was gorgeous and she's pretty badass. 80 years old, sharp as a tack, never been married... i think most of the other family members have trouble dealing with her, which i can understand because she's very nosy and controlling. but i'm not related to her so i just think she's hilarious. plus she always gives me chocolate and drives me places so i really can't complain.


  1. hahah. she sounds awesome (at least as an acquaintance). i hope you're taking lots of pictures so i can put visuals to all your stories eventually.


  2. did you do a tour for the cliffs of moher? if so, did you stay in galway or go from dublin?

    i think i'm going to stay in galway for a few nights because everyone says it's beautiful but i'm curious how you worked it.

  3. I believe we were staying in Doolin and we just walked to the Cliffs. You can probably do it pretty easily from Galway via public bus, though. Doing it from Dublin would make for a longer trip, I imagine.