Monday, March 16, 2009

on second thought...

of course as soon as i thought i had everything figured out my plans had to change. i just bought a ticket to nice and will spend 2 nights in nice-ville before going to the small village of st. isidore 15 minutes away to work for 16 days. then i'm going to give myself 4 days or so to visit marseille and possibly aix-en-provence before i go to the b&b for a month.


i'm glad i finally bought a ticket. it all feels real now. i'm going to start booking hostels now.

the past few days have been fun. yesterday i spent 4 hours on sherkin island (with no reuben!) and it was wonderful. today sheila took reuben and i to a gorgeous beach and then on a drive around the coast. absolutely glorious.

i can't believe i've already been gone a month.

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