Saturday, March 7, 2009

tentative schedule

leave skibereen the 23rd

galway city; 23rd-26th

belfast; 26-29th

dublin; 29th-april 2nd

then france!


  1. How long you think you'll be on the continent altogether? I'm applying for a job in Turkey this summer (July-August). =)

  2. aaaah really?! i'm planning on doing the whole eurail thing and buying a train ticket into turkey from romania. that'll likely be in june or july and it'd be fucking awesome if you were there!!!

    and it's looking like i'll probably be stateside august/septemberish. but who knows.

  3. Well I'll let you know -- if I do end up in Turkey, we should definitely try to be there at the same time. =) Depending what my financials look like, maybe I'll hop over early and meet up with you somewhere else on the continent.