Monday, March 23, 2009


i'm in doolin.

had my first beer in ireland. guinness definitely tastes better here.

went to a pub with a few girls from the hostel and saw traditional music. absolute perfection. tomorrow is the cliffs of moher.



  1. zomg, what did I tell you about using subject headers? Now I'm like 12 hours behind on Michelle-related news, and you know how much that pains me! ;)

    Which pub were you at? If I remember correctly, one of the one's in Doolin had some pretty rockin' curry chips, though you have to get used to french fries basically soaked in curry.

  2. Hey, did you see the chicks hatch before you left?
    Is it amazing to finally be on the road? FREEDOM!!!

  3. sean; we were at o'connors. we didn't eat anything but maybe i'll check out those curry chips...

    mom; sadly the chicks didn't hatch before i left. barbara promised to send me pictures though!