Thursday, April 16, 2009

so much to say...

i found free wifi so now i can make a real update.

as i alluded to in my previous post, this farm is amazing. the family is so incredibly kind and generous and sweet and i love the fact that they really put me to work here. on any given day i could be planting tomatoes, harvesting fennel, preparing the fields for planting, or a million other tasks. there are 2 other workers at the moment, nick and christopher, and it's nice to have some company. they're fun boys.

they grow so many different things here it's rather amazing. they're best known for their tomatoes because they grow over 85 different varieties. unfortunately i came too early to get to try any of those but i have gotten to try fresh fennel, kumquats, green almonds, squash flowers, and countless other fruits and vegetables straight from the ground. it's wonderful.

yesterday we worked especially hard to plant 2 fields of tomatoes and courgettes before the rain came. pierre was so grateful that he took us out to a restaurant so we could sample les fruits de mer de nice (seafood). i was surprised by how delicious the escargots de la mer (sea snails) were, although i wasn't a huge fan of sea urchin.

unfortunately on every single one of my days off the weather has been horrible so i haven't really ventured out of nice, aside from aday in cannes. i wanted to go to monaco today but it's pouring so instead i think i'll go to la musee de matisse.

because i haven't had internet i haven't been able to clarify what i'm doing next. which means that hostels in marseille and aix-en-provence are booked so i've decided to go straight to paris. i've booked a hostel for 4 days and after that i'm not really sure what i'll do. am i ever sure of anything?


  1. Assuming that's a museum full of Matisse's work, there are worse ways to spend a day. =)

    The farm sounds absolutely incredible. How much longer are you there?

  2. Can you go back to this farm later if you want to?