Thursday, April 9, 2009

finally an update

i think this was the first time in a very long time that ive gone a week without internet. its a good thing. however im currently paying by the minute so im going to keep this short.

i am ridiculously happy on this farm. the family is amazing and im being super productive which i love. im using muscles i forgot i had and loving every minute of it.

im a little sad im only here for 9 more days. i also have no idea where im going next so i should probably try to figure that out. i think i might start using my eurail pass a little sooner than id thought.


  1. I miss you!!! Why don't you come home for a few weeks. Ha, ha!!

    Can you stay on the farm longer if you want to?

    And how's the French coming along?

    xoxoxoxoxoxoxox !!!!!!!!!

  2. i miss you too! i had a dream i came home for a few days. it made me kinda sad.

    i can't stay because they're very popular so they're constantly getting new wwoofers. someone is taking my place on sunday so there'd be nowhere for me to sleep. and it's only fair to share the amazingness that is the magnani farm so i don't blame them for only accepting people for 2 weeks each.

    the french is coming along. i still sound like and idiot most of the time and it takes me awhile to say what i want to say but i'm getting over the embarrassment factor, which is half the battle. still no dreams in french though.