Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Zlatni Rat beach

this is where i spent my day

the view when you first get into bol

my little slice of heaven

i was trying to figure out a way to accurately capture the color of the water when i realized my camera is waterproof! so i took way too many photos like this

so many shades of blue

yesterday i spent the day at the city beaches, which were perfectly nice but definitely not picture worthy. today i decided to make the long haul out to brac island--it cost about $20 to get out there and took nearly 2 hours--first a 45 minute ferry ride and then an hour on a bus--but it was absolutely worth it. i've booked 2 more nights at the hostel here in split because it's makes for a nice base for exploring and i really don't feel like checking into somewhere new. i'd like to go to the island of hvar but given the fact that the ferry takes 2 hours each way i think i'll probably just go to the beaches nearby. supposedly there's a pebble beach in a park that's a 20 minute bus ride from my hostel so i plan on spending tomorrow there.

also, pebble beaches are so much better than sand ones. just sayin'.


  1. Aww, yay! Clayton and I enjoyed the beach today, too. Though we don't have your fancy pebble beaches around here.

  2. Beautiful beach! Why would you ever want to leave?