Tuesday, June 30, 2009

so far behind

oh no, i'm already 2 cities behind and i'm about to leave for a new one. rome was cool, too touristy for my taste but it was neat to see the colosseum and i went to a wonderful museum, galleria nazionale d'arte moderna. on saturday i took a night train to vienna and ended up here at 830 in the morning. unfortunately it rained all day and because it was sunday basically everything was closed. i walked around a bit but then mostly slept. yesterday i met a random austrian on the subway who showed me around all the sites. it was a lot more fun to walk around with someone who knew what all of the different buildings were and could explain them to me. he's also going to be in berlin at the same time as jenn and i so he said he would show us around there too (he lived there for over a year).

i'm not a huge fan of vienna. there's not too much to do and it's not particularly aesthetically pleasing. definitely not a city i would recommend.

now i'm going to bratislava, slovakia. i'll probably only stay a night or two and then i think i'll head to budapest. i haven't been there since i was 14!

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