Saturday, May 23, 2009

enfin, les photos!

bunny love!


ugliest bird EVER

one of the numerous permaculture gardens. this was a pasture when i first arrived.

i named this little dude "muskrat." he's my bff.

la serre. i spend much of my time in there.

chickens in the compost!

the view when you first arrive.

my hand, even after numerous washings.

straight out of the secret garden! that's the lovely robina, a fellow wwoofer.

ponies! trotinette, harmonie, and gallopin.

les chevaux, winik and toukou. they're fun to ride, except when they're being stubborn (which is almost always).

trotinette is a very rotund little pony.

this pig has eaten 8 chickens since winter. and that's not including all of the baby chicks he's snatched. who knew that pigs love poultry? surely not i.

the wood-fired oven.

the main permaculture garden.

it's rather pretty, no?

...and one more bunny photo, just because i can.


  1. Oh my goodness. Too much cuteness, it isn't fair! This place really looks like something you'd find in a story book. I freaking love the pictures of you and the animals; you are way too cute.
    These pictures made me miss you though =(
    We were talking about you some at Christina's because dad had some old pictures of you and Biscuit at uncle Pete's house this past Thanksgiving. So now I miss you a super-lot. Come home soon!!!

  2. That is the scariest freaking pig I have ever seen.