Thursday, February 26, 2009

sickness etc.

i seem to be coming down with a cold, but i sure picked a good day to do it. normally reuben comes home around 3 and i spend the day keeping him busy but today he had a birthday party to go to so i literally laid around in bed all day. i felt lazy but i figured it was better than being sick all weekend and i already feel much better.

some things i've noticed;

*the word "caffeine" isn't really part of the vernacular. everyone drinks tea and coffee at all hours and when i refused a cup at 9 pm because it would keep me up i was met with a quizzical look.

*walking is a bit hazardous. roads are narrow and drivers are reckless. but it's worth it because the scenery is simply gorgeous.

*plastic is seen as suitable fodder for fires. it makes me nervous for my lungs but seems fairly effective. reuben's grandfather is a fan of burning his old disposable razors.


  1. Just don't inhale when there's a fire going! It doesn't sound like they have the same relationship to the body that we're working with. Caffeine at 9pm? Plastic for the fire? Boiled root vegetables and no others? It sounds like a culture well versed in survival through hard times.

  2. Weird! I didn't think plastic would burn; I thought it would just melt and give of noxious fumes. I hope you're feeling better!